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Hi, nice to work with you again. there is first post and second post in this assignment. You can only use the reading that I send you as the reference to support your answer (no outside recourse), and you need to mark the reference in your answer.

Assignment Instructions

This week we turn our attention to the future of work in the 21st century “knowledge economy.”


  1. Future Work Skills 2020 – The University of Phoenix Institute (2011).
  2. The Future of Work. Lynda Bratton (Business Strategy Review, 2010). – Both readings describe major forces driving change in the economy and prescribe the competencies workers will need in order to have successful careers.
  3. Sen, Amartya. How to Judge Globalisation
  4. Satell, Gregg. How Technology is Changing the Way Organizations Learn
  5. Rotman, David. How Technology is Destroying Jobs
  6. Autor, David, and Dorn, David. How Technology Wrecks the Middle Class
  7. Microchips for Employees? One Company Says Yes, NYTimes


  1. Choose one of the two readings on the future of work. What are the driving forces of change and the requisite competencies for the modern workplace? Do you agree or disagree with the author of the reading you chose with the driving forces the competencies she identifies? Explain and provide your own analysis supported by outside evidence not just your opinion.
  2. What skills and competencies do you think are the most important in the modern workplace? Why?
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