i need help creating a c script project only c programming language all details attached

Hi ,,

I have a project to create a C script that will find the path for princess PEACH. Please read through all the project description attached first.

Basically, the mazes are multi dimensional arrays. The code has to work with any maze. It will be tested using the 6 mazes provided in the file in addition to other mazes ( arrays).

For example, to create the maze, it will be in this format :

int a[3][4] = {{0, 1, 2, 3} ,/*  initializers for row indexed by 0 */{4, 5, 6, 7} ,/*  initializers for row indexed by 1 */{8, 9, 10, 11}/*  initializers for row indexed by 2 */ };

However, the array has to consists of rows and columns.

To get a good idea about the output, please look at the last page in the project description. The user has to input the locations of princess and mario, then the program will point out all the turns she made to avoid all the fives. Also, the program at the end will point out the junctions. The junction is where the princess encounter the junction which leads to more than one path.

The PseudoCode for this project is due 4 days after the tutor gets assigned to the question. ( please see requirements for the PseudoCode in the project description).

Once you are finished with the project, please give me couple paragraphs explaining the following :

1- the PseudoCode

2- the process of the code

3- how the code works based on the given PseudoCode

What should be used in this project is C language with only the following concepts :

( input and output ,loops, array, user defined functions ( C preprocessor, Macros, and header file.) )

Please don’t go beyond these concepts in creating the script.

Please read the project description carefully, and ask me if you have any questions.

Thank you very much ,,

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