opposing viewpoint essay

my topic is: Legalization of Euthanasia

In order to demonstrate the debatable nature of your topic and practice writing in an objective manner, your opposing viewpoint essay, which argues the opposite position of your research paper, is due on Sunday. That is the only assigned work for this week, and the assignment details are located in Course Materials as well as below where the assignment will be uploaded.

By this point in the semester students should be well into researching their chosen topics. Part of this research entails understanding the oppositional points of view. If a student chose the topic well, s/he will find ample content pertaining to both (or more) sides.

This assignment challenges students to think through a counter-argument to the thesis being proven in their research paper. This will be a three-page essay that takes a position opposing the student’s research paper topic. For example, if the original research paper thesis argues for the TransCanada Keystone pipeline through the Nebraska Sandhills, in this assignment the student will write a persuasive essay opposing the pipeline.

This exercise is intended to enhance skills of academic objectivity by arguing points and ideas without personal, emotional attachment to the issue (this might sound rather difficult, and it is intended to be). The content will also enhance the area of the main research paper in which students present and refute the opposition, for the strongest arguments can be made when you know the opposition well. Students will be graded based on the persuasiveness of the writing as well as on style and grammar. Like any argumentative paper, this should consist of an introduction/body/conclusion, well-developed and focused paragraphs, and content that proves a stated thesis statement. Cite in MLA format any sources utilized within the paper. Note, however, that this is not a research paper, so use of outside sources is not required.

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