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– Introduction

You have read about and actually written HVAs – or more currently “THIRAs” – in other classes. Let’s spend the week really going into detail about how such an analysis impacts the hospital.

Weekly Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis is completed by completing a HVA for their individual home/business.
  • Describe how a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis is used in developing an emergency management program.
  • Examine different HVA tools. Many hospitals use the Kaiser Permanente tool, but it does have drawbacks.
  • Assess the KP tool and discuss. Refer to: Copy of kaiser_model(1).xls

– Readings

Campbell, P., Trockman, S. J., & Walker, A. R. (2011). Strengthening Hazard Vulnerability Analysis: Results Of Recent Research In Maine. Public Health Reports, 126(2), 290–293.

Fares, S., Femino, M., Sayah, A., Weiner, D. L., Yim, E. S., Douthwright, S., & … Ciottone, G. (2014). Health care system hazard vulnerability analysis: an assessment of all public hospitals in Abu Dhabi. Disasters, 38(2), 420-433. doi:10.1111/disa.12047

Discussion Board

* Based on your readings and experience, comment on the effectiveness of HVAs. Are they too subjective? How would you approach developing an HVA?

* Develop an HVA for a hospital in your community. Provide details on the hospital (bed numbers, location, ect.). List the top 5 hazards. Defend your answers.

* APA Style.

* Use your critical thinking not only summarize.

* Two references at least.

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