healthcare emergency management discussion board question 9

The assignment:

– Review Ennis’s EMP model. How would you improve it? Is there any crossover with other hospital department responsibilities?

– Provide a table of contents for your hypothetical emergency management plan.


The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) or Emergency Management Plan is the document that guides (or should guide) any facility’s preparation and response. It has come a long way from the old “disaster” plan of decades gone by. Regulatory agencies expect it to be thorough, readable and workable. Staff expect it to be at their fingertips when they need it.

So what makes a good EMP? Who helps write it? Who changes it? Enforces it? You get the idea.

Should be an interesting week of discussion.

Week Objectives:

– Describe how to develop an emergency management program.

– Describe how to evaluate and test emergency management programs.


Reilly, M., &Markenson, D. S. (2010). Health Care Emergency Management: Principles and Practice

– Chapter 5: Developing the Hospital Emergency Management Plan

Ennis, S.(2001). Model Emergency Management Program Hospitals and Community Emergency Response -What You Need to Know Emergency Response Safety Series, U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA 3152 (1997)…

Reference to appropriate authoritative resources and official websites. Must be accessible online. Use New Times Roman 12 font with 1” margins and APA style. The answer should be at least 400 words.

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