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Dina Alasoo

Kelly Allen

English 120

Mar 15, 2019

”Language is a big deal in people life, and different culture affected things that happen for everyone”. From the speech for both lectures in Ted Talk ”Telling stories from Africa ”by Chris Albani, and ”Where Did That Name Come From?” by Thurston Baratunde. Both them mention African languages, names, and different cultures. I agree with Thurston there some people can’t pronounces others name correctly. I agree with Albani giving a picture of what people in Africa, Nigeria, are really like, and they have to share o their cultures and lifestyles.

”Where did you get that name from?” is the first chapter of Baratunde book. In the story begging talks about his primary goal that is to engage his readership in a vivid exploration of life from an African American’s perspective. Baratunde humorously narrates how misguided perspectives on African American racial integration with Africans. He explains how Africans (Nigerians) accuse him of not being black enough while contrasting whites vs. African on his names in his numerous social encounter.

Baratunde demonstrated undeniable mastery of the art in his application of humor and thematic relevance. He begins on a high note as he lusts hilarious pronunciation attempts by public speaker’s; he mention his names such as Barrack, Barry, Broccoli, and Bara-Toon among others, and he lies about the meaning of his names at times.

Reading the work gives me a clear picture of the central role themes plays in pieces. The key goal is to write a story that relevant social issues, such an approach allows the writer to appeal to the audiences.

Meanwhile, Chris Albani ”Telling stories from Africa” talks about his experiences with African. Albani was growing up and he was taught about history of war and his own people in Nigeria through books and photos of people in Germany. In his text begging talks about overtaking Nigeria. Also, his story shaped the imagination and belief of the government.

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