the purpose of this assignment is to practice citing sources in chicago style format no essay or outline this time

Choose a topic from the following list.

1. The New Deal; 2. The Harlem Renaissance; 3. The Works Progress Administration (WPA); 4. The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters; 5. The Great Migration; 6. Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression; 7. The 1940s March on Washington (NOT the 1963 one!); 8. The Dust Bowl; 9. Eleanor Roosevelt

Look up sources about your topic. You must find three books, three academic journal articles, and three websites. You will then cite the information about the source as a bibliographic entry and as a footnote. Use the Chicago style guide below for instructions on how to do the citations. If you use a website to do the citation for you, be sure to proofread it! Sometimes these programs put names in all caps. Nothing in your bibliography should ever be in all caps!


  • Header info – 5 pts
  • Proofread, no errors – 10 pts
  • 3 books – 15 pts
  • 3 articles – 15 pts
  • 3 websites – 15 pts
  • bibliography entries – 15 pts
  • footnote entries – 15 pts
  • Chicago style citation – 10 pts
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