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Something that I found interesting was the way Christians treated the Jewish versus how Muslims treated the Jewish. I have always looked at Christianity and Islam being very similar religions, but at that time people followed the two religions very differently. I found it interesting that although no one ever really accepted the Jewish people, that Persians and Muslims were the most tolerant. In today’s society with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict I believe people think Muslims do not like the Jewish and vice versa. Today’s belief is somewhat, not fully, an opposite of Muslim tolerance of the Jewish faith during the rise of Islam. This time in history gives me faith that peace can be achieved between the Palestinian and the Jewish people.

Watching this documentary really opened my eyes as to why people believe criticizing Israel is being anti-semitic. The Jewish people since the beginning of their time faced prosecution and constant relocation, so the making of Israel and the nation of Israel today represent Jewish triumph. As a Palestinian woman from a Muslim background, I really want to understand both sides of the tale of the conflict. I realize that the Jewish and Palestinian people are not much different from one another based on history. My grandparents became refugees after Israel won the war in 1948. From there my family had to constantly face oppression in Kuwait, Yemen, and even today here in the United States. My grandpa even got kidnapped while in Kuwait and could have been killed simply because he was Palestinian. Although Palestinians have not gone through as much persecution and hatred, both the Palestinian (and even Arabs in general) and the Jewish people have gone through somewhat of a similar hardship. I hope one day they both realize they want the same thing, and that the Israeli government and Hamas end the bloodshed.

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