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Module: Communication – Power and Politics

Part One – Discussion Questions
Note: there are three parts to the discussion questions.
Ask 5 people you trust to be honest about how well you listen when in communication with someone. You are allowed to ask two family members (not Mom and Dad, but Mom or Dad and another family member). Write down what they tell you in the discussion question template. Then, briefly reflect on what you learned (about a paragraph). What were your emotions upon hearing if you are a good or not so good listener?

Watch the following TED video then answer the questions that follow utilizing the discussion question template (use the same document as part 3A):


1. What surprised you the most about the presentation by Dr. Turkle?

2. Do you think she is correct? Why or why not? Support your answer.

3. Finally, what areas of communication do you need to improve? Discuss your plan. Make sure you talk about the results of talking with your friends and family about your own communication skills. Provide a brief review of your results and use them to support your plan along with the learning from this module.

In the same discussion question template as 3A and 3B, answer the following question:
Gossip is called an informal communication network. Do you consider gossip positive? Why or Why not? How does gossip affect power and politics in the workplace.
Note: please label your answers and pay attention to professional presentation!

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