american food history research paper

Reading all reading materials in attachment first.!!! Answer must based in the provided readings!!!

two main readings: 1.Rosengarten We Are What We Eat We Are a Nation of Immigrants

2.Lu and Fine The Presentation of Ethnic Authenticity

based one these two, you need read three more readings:

1.Andrews Tasty Melting Pot Easy to Read

2.Julian From Mexico Easy to Read

3.Stern Fast-food Chains Adapt to Local Tastes

Write a research paper

Review readings in Attachment, including both popular and scholarly sources, and decide on a related topic to research. Suggested topic:

Similarities and differences between the Americanization of two different ethnic cuisines

Plan and complete a first draft based on your research

You may need more research to complete your argument

You must create an improved, more complex and interesting thesis in this draft; some students change theses entirely

Format Requirements

Your paper must: 1) Be double-spaced, with one-inch margins (2.54 cm), and a 12-point serif font like Times New Roman 2) Include an MLA header and page numbers, and an informative title 3) Include an MLA Works Cited page 4) Include parenthetical citations for quotations and paraphrases of other writers 5) Be at least 1000 words long in the final draft(on) 6) Be saved as an electronic file in .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .rtf format

so whole paragraph organization should like this

for example: (first paragraph: introduction)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX





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