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Evidence-based Practice (EBP) is recognized for a crucial role in nursing. Gifford, et al. (2013) state that the use and implementation of EBP are geared towards healthcare servicing, where it features as an essential clinical outcome and a nursing practice. Most scholars define EBP as a consistent integration of the most appropriate research evidence with clinical expertise, the value of patients and the need to deliver high quality and cost-efficient health care (Gifford et al., 2013). Moreover, EBP is used in nursing to offer opportunities for the nurses to ensure safe decision making and clinical interventions for the group of patients. Actually, it enhances effectiveness in the advocacy of patient. However, this statement should not be disintegrated to mean that EBP is an additional daily workload. Knowledge-based acquired from pre-registration education programs should be used to develop EBP (Gifford et al., 2013). Nurses reflect on clinical practices by implementing and evaluating the quality of care provided through the help of EBP.

EBP is also used by the nurses to find answers to critical clinical questions within the shortest time possible. It enables them to make informed decisions (Zimmerman et al., 2016). Nurses that work in a clinical setting should think about problems or dilemmas that are often experienced during the implementation of clinical practices. On the other hand, based on the significance of EBP, all the registered nurses should be not only competent but also comfortable with all components of EBP (Zimmerman et al., 2016). These components include searching for literacy skills, the formation of clinical questions, and showing enthusiasm in the development of the relevant phenomenon in the nursing sector (Zimmerman et al., 2016). Last yet necessary, the application of EBP requires enough competency, and may need the nurses to refer to role models coinciding to EBP instead of depending on the clinical expertise only.

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