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here is the guide lines…

Ethnic Book Review Paper & Presentation (50 points):

Select a book from the Ethnic Literature genre to help give you more insight into a different racial/ethnic/cultural group. Preferably the book would be written by a member of this group or an author who can provide insight into the viewpoint of the group. Write a 3-page review of the book adhering to the following guidelines:

Identify the racial/ethnic/cultural group that is the focus of the book.

Provide a brief summary of assumptions and stereotypes made about this ethnic group by others. Provide any historical reference to help clarify why this group may be oppressed.

Discuss your personal reasons for selecting this particular group. Do you have any personal baggage associated with this group?

Summarize the content of the book (synopsis).

e. Summarize the cultural values presented in the book. Based upon your book, what values were particularly important? What similarities and differences did you notice?

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