alternative analysis of lego case

Here is the case. we are asked to identify the issue of the case and find the alternative way.

we already find the issue: Lego competes in the toy industry, while that industry is very broad, we can narrow down the industry to sub-categories. Where Lego best fits within the toy is in the construction toys, where you can take sets of building blocks and build virtually anything you want. However within the industry, there is lots of competition, so the issue that we are presented with is how can Lego differentiate themselves from the competition.

and we have a summary of the key point we have to use in alternative analysis.we just need to write it according to the summary.between 1-2 page double space is ok.

and i will also provide the external and internal analysis of Lego.( you may need it, i’m not sure, our professor said it’s better to connect our alternative analysis with our external and internal analysis)

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