as a project manager create a project plan for 3 different potential projects

the overall goal for this assignment is the creation of an actual project plan. As the first step in that process, this week you are going to identify three potential projects that interest you. You will do an initial analysis of each potential project, putting yourself in the role of a project manager with limited time and resources. With that in mind, your task is to evaluate the three potential projects which you identified and apply criteria to determine each project that interest you.

Prepare a 20 minute presentation of your three potential projects for the class. Include at least one slide per project in your PowerPoint Presentation.

Use the following guiding questions to identify/develop each potential problem for your presentation:

  • What is the problem?
  • Why is it a problem?
  • Who is it a problem for?
  • What is the effect? 

  • What is the cost of the problem? 

  • What is the desired state? 

  • What is the cost [pure estimate!] to correct? 

    • Estimate is hours * cost/ hour + hardware or software replacement costs + training and support.
  • What is the estimated timeline?
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