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Case Study 2

Mr. Jilka is a sixth-grade teacher with an ethnically diverse classroom. One-fourth of the class is white, one-fourth is African American, one-fourth is Asian, and one-fourth is Mexican-American. Recently, two Mexican students, Jesus and Juanita, have begun to miss two or three days a week. In addition to a pattern of absences, Jesus has stopped turning in his homework. Juanita has begun to do poorly on classroom assignments and often stares out the window during class. Prior to this, Jesus and Juanita had been enthusiastic students despite the fact that English is their second language. Mr. Jilka is not sure what action to take. However, he did overhear Juanita telling another Mexican-American student that her father had lost his job and has been unable to find a new one close to home.

Discussion Question:

1. If you were in Mr. Jilka’s position, how should you respond to this situation? Cite the textbook. The book has been attached chapters 8-10.

2. How can multicultural education be effective if it must assist students with a variety of learning styles and language differences? How can educators help to address diversity in language and in learning styles? Cite the textbook and/or another source.

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