provide a thorough and detailed description of the photograph for example describe its composition content tonality use of color scale symbolism etc does it convey a social religious or political message next provide a summary of the photogr 1

The Museum of San Fernando Valley.

The photo I picked was of Jackie the Lion

No photo credit

Qquotes must be cited and referenced.

Museum/Gallery Visit: You are required to visit an art museum or gallery within the timeframe of this class to view a photography exhibition and document your experience. You must select at least one photograph that catches your attention, and include the descriptive information listed (artist, title, date, medium). If possible, include an image of the selected work(s), either downloaded from the internet or a photo taken by you. (Note: Always ask museum/gallery staff if you are allowed to take pictures!) When submitting this paper, include your admission ticket or parking receipt – something that documents you physically visited the museum/gallery.

Guidelines for Completion: First, provide a thorough and detailed description of the photograph. For example, describe its composition, content, tonality, use of color, scale, symbolism, etc. Does it convey a social, religious or political message? Next, provide a summary of the photographer and characteristics/themes of his/her work in general. Finally, describe the exhibition overall and your impressions of the experience. REMEMBER: I am interested in hearing about your experience in your own words. Do not plagiarize the museum’s educational materials. This assignment should be informative, but more casual than a formal research paper, and largely based upon your own personal impressions in your own words. Any student suspected of academic dishonesty will receive a “0” on the assignment.

Please note the minimum length requirement is 1,000 words for this paper. This means that if your total word count is less than the requirement, your score will automatically be a “0.” Please note that any paper heading information, such as your name, date, etc., does not count toward this requirement. You will NOT have the option to resubmit this assignment – don’t ask.

Projects, papers, and other assignments turned in after the beginning of class on the due date will be marked down one letter grade per day. No work that is more than one week late will be accepted; late work will still be subject to lateness penalties.

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