who am i self identity

For your 8th and final essay, you must answer the following question: Who are you?

This question is not meant to trick you, and it most certainly is not meant to be a joke.

In class on Friday, March 8th, I discussed a number of strategies you can use to answer this question. You can choose to follow one of the strategies I recommended, or you can develop your own strategy for answering this question. It’s up to you.

strategies:1. start with your unique circumstances and consider your group memberships 2. go back to the 9_item identity inventory we took in class and elaborate those answers 3. think along classical sociological lines of race-class-gender and how those things make you who you are.

As you draft your response, please demonstrate that you have learned a thing or two by taking this sociology course. That is important.

Your completed essays must be between 900-1200 words.

Submit your essays to Canvas before 9am, March 15th

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