finance discussion questions 1

Please answer each question with at least 200 words each

1) Chapter 1 reiterates the common idea that the goal of the firm is to maximize shareholder wealth. Discuss why you believe this to be correct or incorrect. Also, discuss the concept of ‘stakeholders’. Who are they and how do they impact the debate?


2)Starting to save for retirement at a young-adult age typically requires only a small, affordable, monthly amount to grow into a potentially large nest egg at regular retirement age. Why do you think many Americans are not saving for their retirement? Discuss what you believe to be the real reason most people don’t save for retirement at a young age, or even at all. What do you think we can do to change this trend?


3)Find a home you would like to buy somewhere in the U.S. (assume you have sufficient funds and financing means). Use Google, Zillow, or another real estate site to find a home. Make sure to include the link for the home in your discussion post so others can view it.

For the home you find, assume you will put a 30% down payment on the asking price (disregard closing costs). Look up an approximate interest rate for a 15 or 30 year loan using or a lender website of your choice.

Calculate the monthly payment for your new home and post (along with the link to your subject property) the following 5 figures: 1) Purchase price, 2) Loan amount, 3) Monthly rate, 4) Term in months, 5) Monthly payment. Provide any additional comments or details about your search or the property that you’d like.

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