in what ways are women still fighting for equality

Assignment: For this assignment, write an essay which answers the question, “Has the single story of women changed since pre-suffrage (Stanton’s time)? Why or why not?” Explore the traditional roles of women that are present in our unit’s texts, and make an argument for how/if women’s roles have changed and if/how women’s rights have now been granted. Use our AT LEAST 3 of our course readings as the foundation for your evidence, but you may also bring in current events to bolster your discussion of modern events. Some questions to consider and help you brainstorm include: Are discussions of women’s roles and rights still relevant today? In what ways are women still fighting for equality? Are these efforts necessary? Tips for Successful Essays: 4-6 pages. Incorporates at least 3 of our unit’s readings I provided MLA format. 12-point font, Times New Roman. A creative title that hints at the subject matter. Concrete evidence from at least three sources. Indicate a clear focus in a well-written thesis statement and stay focused throughout the essay. Organizing Principle. Introduction, body, and conclusion. Fully developed analysis of how the evidence supports each topic sentence and overall thesis statement. Implements proper stylistic conventions to include: sentence variation, college evel vocabulary, target audience, complex sentence structure. Use an effective structure that carefully guides the reader from one idea to the next, and be thoroughly edited so that sentences are readable and appropriate for an academic audience. Write the paper as if addressing a scholarly audience. plagiarism free. work cited please.


Hook: quote (RELEVANT), question

Background information: Suffrage, information that is relevant for your thesis


Things for women have improved since pre-suffrage.

Things for women haven’t changed at all since pre-suffrage.

Things for women have improved for women since pre-suffrage, but there is more work to be done.

Body 1:

Overview paragraph of Stanton text/suffrage movement


Body 1: determine how many body paragraphs will discuss improvements

First thing that has improved for women: Education

Evidence: how we have been educated (Kindlon)

Explanation: how has education improved the lives of women?

Body 2: determine how many body paragraphs will discuss what still needs to be changed

First thing that still needs to change: Pay gap/women in STEM

Evidence: Hidden Figures and/or Optional Articles in Unit 2 on women in STEM/pay gap

Explanation: why haven’t these things changed? How would changing these things improve the lives of women?

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