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This paper is a continuation of Week 2 Assignment which is attached.   Assignment 4: Project Motorcycles – The Comprehensive Project PlanDue Week 8 and worth 300 points Note: This assignment is a continuation from Assignment 2. Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: 1.Describe the project scope and project management […]

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I need to find R1,R2,R3,R4,R5… VR1,Vr2, etc, IR1, IR2, etc… Pr1, Pr2, etc…  Given this information …  PR1 = 2.7mW VR2= 7.05V R3 = 3.5k ohms VR4 = 4.05v IR5 = 1.5mA PR6 = 4.725 mW RT = 16k ohms…

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Create a force-field analysis to address the leadership team’s concerns about what else it should be doing and to what it has not yet paid enough attention. The analysis has been started below.   HELPING FORCES   HINDERING FORCES List here what will help the team address issues on which it has not yet put […]

scholarly book critique

Please write a book critique using the instructions and format provided. Book: “Unwarranted: Policing Without Permission” by Barry Friedman (Attached)Content:* At least 9-double spaced pages not including cover and citation page* Additional 5-6 academically rigorous external sources (NO BOOKS)* APA StyleFormatting and Details: AttachedExample of a similar work, but on a different topic/book is also […]

genetics lab report 1

Using the case study, write a full lab report. In the result, the picture from the gel on this lab manual can be incorporated. Discuss on if you know who is to blame for this crime and what are the evidences. All requirements are in the attachment files. I will also provide my partner’s experimental […]

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Please write a comparison/contrast essay of 1000 words or more discussing the questions below. Remember to begin your paper with an engaging introduction and clear thesis statement, develop each point in the body of your paper using examples and quotes from the stories, and conclude your paper with a restatement of your thesis and closing […]

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Assignment 1: analysis of the first P (product) for your chosen company’s product/service as an attachment to this assignment. The central focus of a marketing program will be on a product or service. Your product analysis should include the company, competition, and customer requirements. You should also look at branding, design, product positioning, and other […]

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Exploring The Source Exploring the Source “Primitivism” is less an aesthetic movement than a sensibility or cultural attitude that has informed diverse aspects of Modern art. It refers to Modern art that alludes to specific stylistic elements of tribal objects and other non-Western art forms. With roots in late 19th century Romanticism’s fascination with foreign […]